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Newbie says hi [Sep. 9th, 2007|10:20 pm]
Tales of Symphonia Yuri :: モモ及びばらの


[気分 |chipperchipper]
[おんがく |Tales of the Abyss opening - Karma]

I accidentally came up across this community, and do I semi-curse the fact that I've never found it before. >_<; So hi to all, I'm Daruki, and Daru and Ruki are both fine for nicknames. I'm usually more of a pencil artist, but do find myself writing on rare occasions.

About joining, I've always ♥'ed the shoujo-ai side of Symphonia, even if you cannot deny the fact that shouNEN-ai is the predominant fandom that reigns (though Tales of Legendia, on the other hand, has much more shoujo-ai material. But that's off-topic) over. I'm an active supporter of the Presea/Collet pairing (which I refer to as Soulshipping, don't ask >>; ), and did art on it, not to mention have debated on it (If anyone's interested, I could link up the times when I had to actively take up the defense on how Presea/Collet > Genis/Presea, or to justify that Soulshipping is a valid fan-pairing).

Prance with me~

I've also collected some Collet/Presea fanart, and have a few Raine/Shihna and Shihna/Collet fanart. They're all found on Japanese fanart sides through the Tales of Search engine, so disclaim on all.

I can't link to my own PB because it's locked, but being the creator and leader of the "Tales of shoujo-ai club" on the Tales Namco Forum, the second post does contain a seizable amount of Tales girl-love, also throughout the entire Tales series.

It's all in the second post.

Hopefully I'll do good here! ^_^;